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June 27 2017

@potenscogitatum I’ve felt a lot better before, just need to power through

I wanna hear all about your trip when you come back, I miss chatting with you

I’m replaceable


Listen to me.

You don’t need to have had a fucked up childhood or some traumatic event happen to you in order to have depression/anxiety/panic attacks. You could have had a perfectly normal upbringing with loving friends and family. Mental illness does not discriminate; it can hit anyone at any time. Your feelings are valid. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.

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call for help

I guess I should shower and eat something before I leave for work

in two hours

I love my dogs but laying in bed having a morning crisis and hearing them scratch at the door fills me with angzaiyeti

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This is so true. People on this website like SJWs will want to arrest anybody who dares question their logic or try to see through their lies.

have you figured out how blankets work yet

ashley if you;re cold try pee your pants

no more bad mornings please

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My pride and My Self-hatred reacting to an insult directed towards me:


June 26 2017

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After Killing Philando Castile, Police Spied On His Girlfriend

“Investigators were looking for criminal wrongdoing on the part of Reynolds and seeking information which would criminalize Castile, or at least justify his shooting death.

In moments, Reynolds’ records and private phone history were secretly given to the police, all the while not having committed a single crime which would justify such measures…” 


Sprint just handed over all her information without even notifying her smdh

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I want visit my gf so badly

I’m gonna try to save as much as I can and I’ll make the trip asap

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I know I’ve been posting too many pictures of myself, but I’ve been looking good.

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by Bruno Archie



wearing green is gay culture

this may sound like a shitpost but in the 19th century green carnations were a sign of being gay AND in ancient rome, yellowish-green clothing was a sign that a man was effeminate and therefore probably gay, so green is a gay color and only gay people can wear it now

June 15 2017

Corn chex or rice chex

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I’m just a rag dolly,

Happy and smilin’ all day

A little rag dolly,

Wishin’ your worries all way

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